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Podcast#213 Featuring Chris Caiger Co-Owner and Director of Refresh Renovations

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

“Refresh Renovations has grown into an influential market leader and our clients couldn’t be happier ”

Hello and welcome to Eden Exchanges, the business journey podcast by Eden Exchange. Today we spoke to Chris Caiger who is the Director of Refresh Renovations, a leading home renovation franchise across Australia and New Zealand providing expert renovation design and project management. Listen as Chris delves into his background and how the business came about, the Refresh point of difference in the market, the business growth strategy for Australia and why you should consider franchising with Refresh Renovations. Listen on to discover more.

Discussion Points:

  • Background Chris details his impressive background in the industry and explains how Refresh Renovations was conceived.

Chris Caiger Co-Owner and Director of Refresh Renovations
  • A purpose driven venture Making a difference to the renovation industry drives Chris and his team to deliver great experiences to homeowners and substantial earnings to franchisees.

  • Redefining the industry Chris outlines why the renovation industry is a large but fragmented market, and how Refresh is providing a better option for consumers.

  • Franchise as a way to build and grow Why the Refresh Renovations franchise business model is scalable and successful in the renovation sector.

  • Construction experience not required A building background is not necessarily a recipe for success as a franchisee with Refresh Renovations!

  • Support leading to success Refresh Renovations is resource-rich when it comes to supporting franchisees. Chris explains the importance of providing the right training to compliment the management skills of franchisees.

  • Training and orientation Chris elaborates on the thorough onboarding process of new franchisees.

  • Market Research The steady growth trajectory of the renovation market.

  • The global market and reach Similarities between the construction and renovation market in the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

  • Milestones and challenges The key challenges and milestones Refresh Renovations has faced and met.

  • Business goals Growing in Australia, the UK, and the USA is at the forefront of the goals of the business.

  • Exploring the business model Chris explains how early challenges lead to a change in two key aspects of the business, resulting in vast improvements and greater success.

  • Excellent results Refresh Renovations is a globally unique company achieving excellent results.

  • Best piece of advice Advice for potential franchisees and the opportunity for those with corporate skills to succeed with Refresh Renovations.

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About the business

Refresh Renovations is the world’s leading renovations company. Established in New Zealand in 2010, Refresh Renovations has more than 40 franchises in its home country and globally more than 80 after the roll out of the franchise group in Australia, the United Kingdom and North America.

The Refresh model allows skilled builders and tradespeople to focus on their key strengths – while supportive leadership and business acumen provided by the Refresh franchise owner and the wider management team. By combining our collective talents in this way, we can build a much larger, more successful and sustainable enterprise.

Refresh’s franchise owners come from a variety of career backgrounds, many of which have nothing to do with home renovations. Some have backgrounds in pharmacy, IT Sales, real estate, engineering, banking and management.

We are primarily interested in working with business-driven individuals who are looking to leave the corporate world and establish their own scalable business. They have strong relationship management skills and are great communicators that pride themselves on providing an exceptional customer experience. We can provide you with training in this area, provided you have a few key skills and aspirations: Strong leadership skills, business-minded, ability to make customers feel important and supported, motivation to build a multi-million dollar business, sales and marketing abilities, enthusiasm and positivity, an interest in home renovations.

Click here to learn more about the franchise.

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