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The Eden Deal Network

Sell a business, sell a franchise or find an investor in Australia.

Find qualified buyers and investors for your business deal

CALL US: +61 38658 2292 or +61 28880 5535 

Experienced advisors backed by a powerful referral network of investors, buyers and entrepreneurs.

We leverage our unique platforms, technology and data to generate optimal investment and business opportunities. We’ve created a platform that accommodates the raising of funds, buying, investing in and selling of companies -  every step of the way. Our extensive reach within the market and its network connects all of the key players in a business transaction.

Merge and acquire companies. Accelerate growth through acquisitions. Access 6,000+ deals

Connect with decision makers. 30,000+ qualified buyers, investors and CEOs in Australia and Asia

Raise growth capital or debt financing. Access a network of $6 billion in funding

We connect everything you need when going through the crucial steps of sourcing deals and buyers

Access the information and independent advice required to optimise value and your transaction

Search among 6,000 current listings

How we get the deal done

Eden's Deal Network

Australia's Largest Referral Network

Eden’s platform is host to thousands of buyers, sellers and investors submitting deals and referral opportunities. We leverage off our databases and networks to manage the customer experience through a purpose-built referral hub, with our specialists providing feedback to ensure that you are kept in the loop throughout your journey with us.

We Understand Business

Eden's Deal Network Team

Our process is personalised - we’ve been in your shoes and understand every business is unique. Our team has founded, invested in, acquired and sold business with professional experience in C-Level, technology, management, investment banking, finance, entrepreneurship and more. We invest in your vision and work hard to realise your goals.

Deal Technology

Everything You Need On One Platform

We simplify your journey by connecting all the key stakeholders that are involved in a business transaction. All referrers and collaborators can track and manage their transaction process in real time through one platform. Everything you need when sourcing deals, buyers, finance and all the relevant milestones are connected through The Eden Deal Network.

Discover Your Ultimate Deal

Achieve your investment and acquisition goals with direct access to Eden’s business deals. You can set your industry, geographical and deal size preferences to meet your investment mandate. When you are ready to make contact, the Eden Deal Network directly connects you with the principal decision maker behind every deal.

Raise Capital and Debt Funding

Closing your round and deploying your capital is a critical step. Post your financing opportunities on the Eden Deal Network and access a world of funds, family offices and trusts. Connect with alternative financing sources efficiently and directly with the decision makers.

Access latest unlisted opportunities in the market with your personalised Eden deal room.

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