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Sandwich Chefs New Store in busy shopping centre, great location and trade zone – Baulkham Hil

A great brand, simple delicious product, awesome looking store, in the right location, in a franchise with the right culture makes a great business.

Royalties 9% of gross

Marketing Fees 0% of gross

Location Details 375-383 Windsor Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW, Shopping Centre. We engage the services of external retail property experts to source suitable locations, to ensure that our site selection criteria are applied independently and vigorously, to negotiate best in market terms for our retail leases.

Marketing support We have developed, with consultation from leading marketing experts, a marketing strategy to drive brand awareness and traffic to our stores. We utilise a range of both traditional and digital resources to implement that strategy on a National basis. We also provide to our franchise network a “tool box” of both traditional and digital, professionally designed, advertising and marketing resources to assist our franchisees grow their business in the local area. Visit us on, Facebook, Twitter.

Training provided We provide each new franchisee and Store Manager a 4-week structured training program in not just operations but also the management and growth of the franchise business. After the initial 4-week training program your Business Consultant will be in store with you for a minimum of 2 weeks to ensure your smooth transition from trainee to business owner. The Business Consultant assists the franchisees in the recruitment of suitable staff and their training.

Skills People with enthusiasm and ability to engage with our product and brand. We will train you to operate a Sandwich Chefs store competently, you do not need previous food industry experience. Most importantly we offer significant incentives to our franchisees to become multi store owners and so want people who can take advantage of these incentives, people who are prepared to learn how to become a multi store franchisee, how to become an effective manager of store managers, people who want to grow from a small business to a large business.

Length of Agreement Franchise Term is equivelent to the term of the retail lease, typically 5 to 7 years. Most leases are renegotiated for a further term ( and therefore a further term of the franchise is granted), renewed leases often require a cosmetic refubishment and a modest franchise renewal fee. We enjoy a high rate of renewal.

About the Opportunity We know that if you are not successful, neither are we. It’s a team effort. Each franchisee’s individual success is critical to the success of our entire Franchise network. We know that we are in business with you, you are your own boss, but you are not on your own.

We offer;

  1. A fixed New Store Turnkey Price inclusive of all franchise fees, equipment, and fit out – no hidden extras. We pass on all contributions to fit out

  2. Opportunities, incentives and training to be a multi store owner

  3. Our product is not gimmicky; it is simple and delicious, and universally enjoyed.

  4. Our stores deliver functionality, are visually striking, memorable and cost effective.

  5. The services of external retail property experts to source and secure the best suitable locations, and expertly manage any issues that arise with landlords

  6. A great brand with high consumer awareness, advertising, marketing, and local store promotion support

  7. A franchise that has been custom designed through 25+ years of experience to expressly give franchisees the best chance of success.

  8. We embrace change, and constantly seek innovation

  9. 4-week structured new franchisee and staff training program and a minimum of 2 weeks in their new store to ensure a smooth transition from trainee to business owner.

  10. We help train and recruit all staff.

  11. We provide extensive support to our franchise network. From a fully integrated turnkey solution for new stores, site selection, lease negotiation, store fit out, training, hiring and training staff and grand opening of the store. We do not charge a mark-up or margin on these services, they are charged at the invoiced cost. .

  12. Our Business Consultants are mature, highly experienced, food industry experts, many of whom have owned their own business, who as coaches and mentors are an invaluable resource to our franchisees. They spend 90% of their time in store working on the stores business plans.

  13. Our National Support Office provides professional support across all store and business management requirements, Marketing and Advertising, Property, Operations, Financial Management, People Management, and Business Development

Fixed Turnkey cost inc all fees. $50K deposit finance options available.

Year Business Established 2001

Year Franchising Commenced 2001

Site locations 63

History Now with over 60 stores nationally Sandwich Chefs® first opened in 2001 in Sydney. Initially offering sandwiches, salads and coffee under the name of Fancy Fillings® the menu is now anchored by its unique products of slow roasted carvery meats and make your own gourmet sandwiches and has expanded to include breakfast, fresh juices, hot pastry products, and more salads. A fresh alternative to fast food and the made to order approach means Sandwich Chefs® has a unique proposition, but also has something for everyone, even the fussiest of eaters.

Awards Sandwich Chefs considers its awards to be its franchisees re investing as multi store owners in its franchise

Find out more about Sandwich Chefs here

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