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Podcast: Ep219 Featuring Claude Roda, Director Of Magic Hand Car Wash Franchises

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

“Magic Hand Offers Australians The No.1 Franchise Model For Car Wash And Lounge Models Combined”

Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Director Claude Roda of Magic Hand Car Wash Services, A unique 2 in 1 lounge and car wash combined franchise opportunity. Listen as Claude chats about how the business came about, how Magic Hand maintains its first rate service, the training and support program and how you can become a franchisee.

Discussion Points:

  • Professional Background Claude outlines his own impressive business background, and how curiosity nudged him from an arts degree to become involved with Magic Hand Carwash

Claude Roda – Director of Magic Hand Car Wash franchises
  • Magic Hand Car Wash’s point of difference Magic Hand Carwash has a franchise model that creates a positive franchisee / franchiser relationship and sets the entire business up for success

  • Market focus and direction Claude explains the current franchisee statistics and the company charter in terms of market focus

  • The Magic Wash Club The Magic Hand Carwash subscription service innovates convenience in car cleaning for returning customers

  • Who Magic Hand Car Wash are looking for Claude identifies the key characteristics potential franchisees should have

  • Training and support The short-term and long-term support offered to Magic Hand Carwash franchisees

  • The franchise culture Claude explains the approach taken by the team at Magic Hands Carwash in terms of supporting franchisees through the unprecedented times of a global pandemic

  • Motivation for what you do What drives Claude to strive to be the best in the industry and what he loves most about Magic hand Carwash

  • Piece of advice Claude offers some sage advice for potential franchisees that will also benefit any business owner

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About Magic Hand Car Wash:

Magic Hand Carwash began as a small family business in Melbourne in 1994. Now a franchised network of stores across Victoria and Western Australia, Magic Hand Carwash has washed more than five million cars.

They put their success down to the focus on team performance, warm and friendly customer service, and the high level of expertise they insist on in both their car washes and building and licensing. These have allowed them to develop a brand with a reputation in the industry for being No.1.

The brand has become the benchmark for car wash building and licensing models. This has been achieved by recognising the importance of people and their roles, and by achieving levels of performance and accountability that not only drive growth, but also set them apart from the competition.

Their business systems are based on well documented processes. These are continually reviewed, developed and supported by a small group of experienced and driven individuals at their head office. Whether it’s finance, business and licensing, operations or marketing, they can safely say that Magic Hand Carwash has some of the most experienced and accomplished people in the franchise community.

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