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Podcast: Ep#244 Featuring Georgia Melrose And Brett Hannah From Reunion Training

A Leading Brand In The Fitness Sector

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Georgia Melrose and Brett Hannah from the head office team at Reunion Training, a group training franchise revolutionising the industry. Listen as Georgia and Brett delve into the Reunion Training point of difference, the brand position in the market, the franchise business model and what you can expect as an owner of a franchise.

Georgia Melrose – Chief Marketing Officer and Brett Hannah – Chief Franchise Manager at Reunion Training Australia

Discussion Points:

  • Expansive experience Brett and Georgia detail their impressive industry and business experience, and explain how they came to be in their current roles

  • A unique consumer experience REUNION Training offers members and franchisees a refreshing approach

  • The long-term customer Georgia explains the long-term approach to social connectivity and wellness that underpins REUNION Training’s ethos

  • The target markets Georgia outlines the characteristics of consumers that are typically attracted to REUNION

  • Franchisees as individuals Brett discusses the way individual franchisees are supported in their own journey

  • The focus of growth While NSW is the main focus for growth at the current time, the business has resources to facilitate expansion to other Australian states and beyond

  • Staying significant in an innovative market Brett explains the two most important evolutions in recent times that are keeping REUNION relevant

  • Social media for social proof Georgia outlines the social media marketing approach undertaken by REUNION Training

  • Franchisee support and training With an 8-week initial training period, Brett details the way REUNION sets their franchisees up for success

  • Two different models Brett compares the owner-operator business type to the investor model

  • Recommended due diligence Brett offers advice to potential franchisees

  • Interested in investing? Advice for potential franchisees

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About REUNION Training:

REUNION Training is the ultimate group training experience. Founded by Luke Istomin, an elite and world class fitness professional, REUNION draws from Luke’s unique juxtaposition of having trained global elite celebrities, athletes, and leaders, and co-founding the largest group training model, F45 Training.

REUNION Training has been designed to REDEFINE what it truly means to be functional, healthy and active. We aren’t here to waste anyone’s time with pointless workouts focused only on sweating and feeling exhausted – this style of training has limited longevity, increasing the risk of injury and exhaustion, not to mention reduced motivation.

We design our workouts with PURPOSE and ensure our members enjoy tangible results in order to track their progress. We concentrate on the primal movement patterns the body is physically capable of and designed to perform, with the overarching goal to build a solid foundation of strength and endurance.

Through our onboarding process we ensure you are properly supported from the get go! From training newcomers, to transitioning gym goers, to elite or experienced trainers, we will set you up on a path based on your current level of fitness, and in turn accelerate you towards your chosen goals.

Simply put, our goal is to have you reach your capabilities and bullet proof your body from potential injuries!

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