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Podcast: Ep#239 Featuring Noel Ashby, Director of United Home Services Franchises

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

A franchise uniting business owners in the Home Services Sector

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Noel Ashby who is the Director of United Home Services franchises, operating across Victoria. Listen as Noel chats about his professional background, what United Home Services offers, their point of difference in the market, the training and support provided and who would best suit a home services franchise business.

Discussion Points:

  • From customer to owner Before becoming the owner of the business, Noel was a customer

Noel Ashby – Director of United Home Services Franchises
  • Considerable demand in the market Through recent financial downturns and social upheavals, the services offered by United Home Services have only grown

  • A heavily supported, franchisee-centered partnership Noel explains the ethos that makes his business an opportunity for success

  • Priorities for growth Noel elaborates on his marketing philosophy

  • Franchisee wellbeing Franchisee financial and emotional wellbeing are crucial to the success of the business

  • The operations of the business With a mostly deregulated work environment, Noel explains some of the features that make United Home Services attractive

  • Growing through COVID-19 After weathering pandemic conditions, Noel is pleased with the performance of the business

  • An evolving business Noel outlines the approach to market analytics that has led to sustainable business growth

  • Awash with work United Home Services has an opportunity to expand throughout Victoria, NSW, and Tasmania

  • The importance of IT Noel describes the importance of embracing IT in a dynamic marketing strategy

  • Your own boss The flexibility of the business is able to meet individual franchise needs under the support of head office

  • Qualities of a franchisee Noel identifies the skills and attributes of an ideal investor of United Home Services

  • Advice for potential franchisees Noel offers his best advice for potential franchisees

Useful Links:

Eden Exchange: Profile/ Listings

United Home Services: Website/ Facebook/ Twitter


About United Home Services:

United Home Services has operated in Victoria since 1995 and presently operates 70 business franchises across Victoria. They are based in Melbourne and are one of the largest franchise cleaning services companies in Victoria. The national group operates 272 business franchises across Australia, are members of the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) and comply with the national code of conduct for business franchising.

The three divisions of United Home Services are cleaning, ironing & dry cleaning and gardening. The cleaning services include regular domestic and commercial cleaning services (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and one-off work such as end-of-lease, bond recovery, builders cleaning and spring cleaning leading into window and carpet cleaning.

They focus on these three divisions because there is high customer demand for them, they involve relatively simple skills that can be easily taught and finally they all involve repeat visits to the same customers. And United Home Services are ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to providing their customers with a high quality service that will have them coming back again and again., Croydon, Vic, 3136.

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