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Podcast: Ep#235 Featuring Marianna Barba, Franchisor for Hire For Baby franchises

“There will always be a need for Hire For Baby right across Australia”

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Marianna Barba who is the Franchisor for Hire For Baby, a national nursery baby retail and hire franchise. Listen as Marianna chats about her experience with Hire For Baby, the franchise model, the demand and growth, the franchisor opportunities on offer and who would best suit a Hire For Baby opportunity.

Discussion Points:

  • Mariana’s background: With a long career in business development, Marianna explains her impressive previous roles and her current role with the Hire For Baby group

Marianna Barba – Franchisor for Hire For Baby
  • Franchisee by chance Marianna shares how she accidentally came across Hire For Baby while searching for a franchise opportunity 15 years ago

  • Brand inception Established in 1988, Marianna explains the stable strategic position of Baby For Hire

  • A leading brand Marianna outlines how the extensive network of Baby For Hire locations across Australia, and excellent customer service have added to the success of the business

  • Suppliers and partners Marianna elaborates on the way Hire For Baby sources and works with suppliers

  • A wide franchise network With a presence in every Australian state, Marianna explains how important an extensive regional and Metro network is to the success of the business and the satisfaction of customers

  • A clear growth strategy With a firm eye on demographic data, Marianna outlines the growth strategy of Baby For Hire

  • A worthwhile service Marianna notes that while Baby For Hire also has a retail service, the hire service is a valuable opportunity for new parents to equip their nursery while saving money and the environment

  • An opportunity for the right person With opportunities in the regional areas, Marianna explains the qualities she is looking for in potential investors

  • A flexible franchise model Location, experience, and personal goals inform the role offered to potential franchisees and investors

  • Driven by data Marianna emphasises the importance of analysing the population and demographic data to ensure the success of Baby For Hire businesses

  • The time is right Marianna anticipates an increase in demand for Baby For Hire services as Australia emerges from COVID

  • Training and support Marianna explains the strong franchisee support within Hire For Baby

  • A well-suited franchisee Marianna explains the ideal personality traits and lifestyle goals of potential investors with Baby For Hire

  • Franchisee success With many long-term franchisees, Marianna shares the many success stories within the business

  • Advice for potential investors Location, experience, and personal goals inform the role offered to potential franchisees and investors

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About Hire For Baby:

Hire for Baby was originally established as Hire for Babe in NSW in 1988, with the first franchise granted in 1992. Within 30 years, it has grown into a nationally recognised network of over 75 franchises – Australia’s largest baby equipment hire organisation, and one of the largest restraint fitting networks in Australia. Hire for Baby’s aim of franchising is to strengthen, develop and expand the brand across Australia, whilst maintaining a strong focus on the needs of both its customers and corporate relationships. They are one of few companies investing in regional towns by establishing services back into communities.

You and your baby deserve the best, so hire baby equipment from one of their 75 branches all around Australia. From Perth, Darwin and Adelaide and with baby equipment branches located all along the East Coast from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. All of their baby equipment for hire is purchased brand new, carefully cleaned & safety checked to ensure it is in the best possible condition for your use.

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