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Ep#234 Featuring Kevin Bugeja Managing Director of Franchise 4 You on behalf of The Famished Wolf

“Franchising is a great opportunity to grow a business with a proven business model and support to succeed”

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Kevin Bugeja who is the Managing Director of Franchise 4 you, speaking on behalf of The Famished Wolf Franchise. Listen as Kevin chats about his extensive experience in the franchising sector, his role in The Famished Wolf franchise and why you should consider a franchising opportunity.

Discussion Points:

  • Franchising roles and industry background Kevin outlines his impressive experience in franchising and why the franchise model appealed to him

Kevin Bugeja – Managing Director of Franchise 4 You
  • The importance of empathy when consulting with new franchisees As a consultant and educator in the franchise realm, Kevin draws on his experience as a franchisee

  • Industry regulations and successful franchises Kevin sees the regulation of the franchise sector as a positive change

  • Great things about the franchise model Kevin explains how a robust business is only strengthened through the franchise system

  • Franchise model considerations Kevin explains how some franchises and franchisees can fall into negative habits

  • Franchising and the entrepreneur An entrepreneur who is willing to comply with the goals of the brand may find a newly franchised business appealing

  • Questions to ask yourself before becoming a franchisee Wise advice about the decision-making process when considering a franchise investment

  • Is business acumen important? Kevin notes that if a franchise provides adequate training and support, business acumen is not a prerequisite

  • Investor due diligence Kevin shares his best advice for evaluating a potential franchise investment

  • Before investing in a franchise Discovery days and business plans are just some of the activities to undertake before becoming part of a franchise

  • Successful franchise systems Kevin outlines the commonalities among successful franchise systems

  • The Famished Wolf The Famished Wolf has a dedicated social media manager and digital marketing specialist to support franchisees

  • Menu favourites Kevin likes to try different menu items each time he visits The Famished Wolf locations

  • Flexible by design Kevin explains how location adaptability benefits The Famished Wolf franchisees

  • Potential new locations Kevin explains the potential for new franchise sites for The Famished Wolf.

  • Advice for potential franchisees Kevin offers advice for people considering investing in a franchise

  • The investment process Kevin explains the inclusions in the investment package and how the location and model of the store can be designed according to budget

  • Skills and characteristics of a franchisee Kevin reveals the most important personality trait of a franchisee with The Famished Wolf

  • Getting in on the ground floor Being a new franchise, Kevin notes that becoming an early investor in The Famished Wolf may have benefits

  • Franchise finance Kevin explains the reality of obtaining finance for a franchise

  • More information How to get in touch with Kevin to begin your business journey


About the business:

The Famished Wolf’s goal has always been to offer delicious gourmet burgers at lower prices than their competitors, therefore, creating a business that can be a local favourite that won’t break the bank to treat the family to a delicious lunch or dinner out. With a complete menu and an option to provide guests an all-day offering, they cater to numerous demographics. The business formats available to franchisees allow for targeted venues that suit the location and the customers. Their menu includes a range of tasty American style gourmet burgers, brats, sides, slices, treats and drinks.

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