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Podcast: Ep#230 Featuring Chris Caiger Co-founder and Director at Refresh Renovations

“Refresh Renovations is streamlining complex processes and creating a coveted opportunity in the market for savvy business owners”

Hello and welcome to Eden Exchanges, the business journey podcast by Eden Exchange. Today we spoke to Chris Caiger who is the Director of Refresh Renovations, a leading home renovation franchise across Australia and New Zealand providing expert renovation design and project management. Listen as Chris delves into his background and how the business came about, the Refresh point of difference in the market, the business growth strategy for Australia and why you should consider franchising with Refresh Renovations.

Refresh Renovations runs a weekly webinar for people to learn more about a Refresh franchise, the industry and the opportunity. Talk directly to the CEO himself by clicking the registration button below.

Discussion Points:

  • Since we last spoke Chris gives a brief update on how the business and the renovation sector is performing

Chris Caiger – Director of Refresh Renovations
  • What is driving growth? Unlike new home construction, the renovation industry is not driven by a boom or bust economy. Chris explains how this drives growth in the industry

  • A stable sector Chris elaborates on how the renovation sector remains robust while the building industry contracts and expands

  • Refresh Renovations in the market Chris outlines how a focus on the renovation experience for the client creates Refresh Renovation’s point of different in the market

  • A better business model Chris notes that the typical business model in the renovation industry make it a fragmented sector. This creates an opportunity for a manager run business model to thrive, such as the model underpinning Refresh Renovations

  • Building a business The processes and systems developed by Refresh Renovations work to scaffold the growth of any franchisee’s business

  • A technology company Chris considers his company a technology business, with a digital cloud-based system. This makes fast growth possible, and also means that Refresh Renovations is a relatively low-cost franchise to join

  • A business in a box Chris outlines the capital needed to become a franchisee.

  • Turnover expectations Chris explains the potential turnover possible for new franchisees

  • Lofty goals With a mission to change the way the world renovates; Chris is ecstatic with the global growth of Refresh Renovations

  • Growth opportunities Chris identifies the staggering opportunities for growth in the renovation industry in Australia, and the enormous room in the market for more franchisees.

  • Other target markets Along with renovations, the group also have companies in the landscaping and maintenance industry.

  • Advice for potential franchisees Chris explains the kind of backgrounds that make for highly successful franchisees

  • Franchisee qualities Chris elaborates on the specific skill set required to grow and generate a Refresh Renovations franchise

  • The senior Refresh Renovations team With a highly trained and widely experienced management team, Refresh Renovations is powered by efficient processes and systems that result in success and growth for franchisees

  • More information How to get in touch with Refresh Renovations to begin your own business journey

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About the business

Refresh Renovations is the world’s leading renovations company. Established in New Zealand in 2010, Refresh Renovations has more than 40 franchises in its home country and globally more than 80 after the roll out of the franchise group in Australia, the United Kingdom and North America.

The Refresh model allows skilled builders and tradespeople to focus on their key strengths – while supportive leadership and business acumen provided by the Refresh franchise owner and the wider management team. By combining our collective talents in this way, we can build a much larger, more successful and sustainable enterprise.

Refresh’s franchise owners come from a variety of career backgrounds, many of which have nothing to do with home renovations. Some have backgrounds in pharmacy, IT Sales, real estate, engineering, banking and management.

We are primarily interested in working with business-driven individuals who are looking to leave the corporate world and establish their own scalable business. They have strong relationship management skills and are great communicators that pride themselves on providing an exceptional customer experience. We can provide you with training in this area, provided you have a few key skills and aspirations: Strong leadership skills, business-minded, ability to make customers feel important and supported, motivation to build a multi-million dollar business, sales and marketing abilities, enthusiasm and positivity, an interest in home renovations. Click here to learn more about the franchise.

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