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Podcast: Ep#224 Featuring Simon McNeilly Director of The Famished Wolf franchise

“The Famished Wolf name offers a business model to satisfy your inner franchisee”

Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Simon McNeilly Director of The Famished Wolf franchise, a burger business that’s offering an amazing franchise opportunity. Listen as Simon reminisces on how the business came about, how years of experience and training led to their top rate business model, what’s on the menu and who would make an ideal franchisee.

Discussion Points:

  • How the business was born With entrepreneurial goals and a cooking background, Simon explains how he created The Famished Wolf

Simon McNeilly – Director of The Famished Wolf franchise
  • A focus on hospitality With vast hospitality experience, Simon explains his philosophy on creating a community through hospitality

  • The Famished Wolf Simon outlines how a particular Hollywood director was the inspiration for the name

  • Knowing what works Simon outlines the most important factors for success in hospitality

  • Wise business focuses Supplier relationships, portion control, and training of staff are some of Simon’s priorities for a successful business

  • The realities of hospitality Simon explains how delivery services have changed the way hospitality businesses create success

  • Brand awareness Brand awareness has been an important part of the success of The Famished Wolf

  • Early challenges Simon explains how he refined the operational systems to create the successful business he has today

  • Opening his second site Simon outlines how he built his second site and ensured the consistency of quality across multiple venues

  • The franchise package The Famished Wolf offers extensive training for franchisees

  • There are burgers and then there are BURGERS! Simon explains The Famished Wolf’s competitive difference

  • A clever business model Simon outlines how each The Famished Wolf restaurant site is designed to find the most success within its demographic and seating capacity

  • The restaurant design Simon explains the importance of finding value when fitting out a restaurant

  • Capacity for volume and growth Being a quick-service restaurant, Simon explains how efficient systems from the kitchen to the table are crucial to a successful business

  • Pandemic pivots Simon reveals how his business has found success during COVID restrictions

  • Technology integrations With the emergence of delivery hubs, Simon explains how technology has been integrated throughout his business

  • An online presence Simon explains how franchisees are supported with online ordering systems and an in-house social media manager

  • Location With growth corridors expanding in Melbourne, Simon is confident that ideal locations for The Famished Wolf franchises will be abundant

  • Passionate people for life Simon outlines who he feels would be best suited as a franchisee with The Famished Wolf

  • Franchisee investment Simon explains the initial investment required from franchisees, and encourages potential investors to get in touch

  • A proud business owner Simon is delighted with the level of expertise and customer service displayed by his staff, and explains how this creates a wonderful experience for customers and a successful business

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About the business:

The Famished Wolf’s goal has always been to offer delicious gourmet burgers at lower prices than their competitors therefore creating a business that can be a local favourite that won’t break the bank to treat the family to a delicious lunch or dinner out. With a complete menu and an option to provide guests an all-day offering, they cater to numerous demographics. The business formats available to franchisees allow for targeted venues that suit the location and the customers. Their menu includes a range of tasty American style gourmet burgers, brats, sides, slices, treats and drinks.

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