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Podcast: Ep#222 Featuring Daniel Donnelly and Jarrod Kidd from Donut King Franchises

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The Family Favourite Donut Franchise Is On The Move

Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Marketing Manager Daniel Donnelly and General Manager Jarrod Kidd from the Donut King Franchise, an iconic Australian donut franchise. Listen as Daniel and Jarrod chat about Donut King’s rich heritage in Australia, why Donut King remains a family favourite, the benefits of owning a franchise and how Donut King is hitting the road.

Discussion Points:

  • An impressive background Daniel and Jarrod share their notable backgrounds and how they became involved with the business

General Manager Jarrod Kidd and Managing Director Daniel Donnelly – Donut King Franchises
  • An iconic brand Daniel explains the nostalgia and longevity behind the Donut King brand and how the mobile evolution is a natural response in the current market

  • Key to success With a history that goes back for 40 years, the Donut King brand has evolved with Australian tastes

  • Looking ahead In a changing market, Donut King and Donut King Mobile is managed with clarity and intent. Daniel outlines this focus on maintaining and enhancing the brand’s position, while moving with digital changes

  • The franchisee process Jarrod and Daniel outline the procedures and support offered to franchisees, and how this sets new business owners up for success

  • The right people As a human representative of the brand, the Donut King application process for franchisees is structured to ensure the business is the right venture for each individual

  • Qualities of a Donut King Mobile franchisee Daniel and Jarrod explain the personal and professional qualities of their ideal franchisees

  • A fun brand The culture at Donut King Mobile emulates the brand itself with a fun, cheeky, and inclusive business environment

  • Considering a franchise? Jarrod and Daniel share their advice for interested franchisees, including a new website dedicated to the mobile division

  • Driving forces Supporting people to be successful in their chosen venture is the essence of what drives Daniel and Jarrod (along with many other factors)

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About Donut King:

Become part of the #1 donut franchise in Australia! Donut King has launched their new and exciting franchise opportunity, Donut King Mobile! It has been designed to give the same experience as going to a Donut King store but on the road. It offers a similar product range to the Donut King stores such as donuts, coffee and pies. However, with Donut King Mobile you will have the added opportunity to have full flexibility to run this franchise opportunity from where you want!

Donut King has developed a strong brand presence for over 40 years, with 6 international territories and $70 million in donut revenue per year, they have become one of Australia’s favourite donut destinations. By aligning with the Donut King brand, you will have the opportunity to tap into Donut King’s brand equity and enjoy the benefits of overall brand awareness.

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