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Podcast: Ep#214 Featuring Nicole Holmes, Director of Ninja Kids

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

“Ninja Kids is providing alternative fitness programs for our younger generation and opportunities for adults to buy a great business”

Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Nicole Holmes, the Director of Ninja Kids, a speciality ninja athletics fitness franchise for pre-teens and adolescents. Listen as Nicole delves into her professional and athletic background, how the business came about, what makes Ninja kids a worthwhile enterprise and the business growth strategy putting Ninja Kids on the map.

Discussion Points:

  • Business background Nicole details her gymnastics, cheerleading and Ninja Warrior sporting background. Also how her own children’s interest in ninja as a sport inspired her to create Ninja Kids

Nicole Holmes – Director of Ninja Kids
  • What Ninja Kids is Ninja Kids offers a range of classes, birthday parties and school holiday programs

  • What Ninja Kids offers Nicole explains the diverse range of kids who become involved in Ninja Kids and how the sport offers both a team atmosphere and individual sport opportunity

  • Merits and outcomes for children The wide range of levels offered through the Ninja Kids tiered program

  • Competitions and community Nicole elaborates on the competitive aspect of the sport noting that competing with Ninja Kids is not compulsory

  • Ninja Warrior Australia and our coaches With many Ninja Kids coaches having appeared on Ninja Warrior, the business has an unofficial connection to the television show as a source of aspiration for many students

  • Franchise locations Nicole details the current gym sites and the increasing franchise interest around New South Wales

  • An evolving business model Nicole’s vision for Ninja Kids over the next few years including new competition streams, gym designs, and business software

  • Milestones and future prospects The key growth milestones of Ninja Kids including the Australia-wide expansion

  • A passion for fitness and a love of the franchise Nicole reveals why she is passionate about Ninja Kids and what drives her and her team

  • A great business opportunity Nicole explains why the increasing demand for the sport and the community aspect of the operation makes Ninja Kids a great business opportunity

  • Training and support The extensive support offered by Ninja Kids head office to franchisees

  • The ideal franchisee The main skills Nicole looks for in potential franchisees are related to interpersonal skills rather than a sporting background

  • A piece of advice Nicole’s advice for interested franchisees is to first visit a Ninja Kids site to see first hand the wonderful atmosphere and community connections the business offers.

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About Ninja Kids:

Ninja Kids is the home of Australia’s most loved “Ninja Warrior” style gym for kids. We offer obstacles courses, tumbling classes, school holidays programs and host epic birthday parties. Our sessions cater to all skill levels, from beginner to advanced Ninjas, for both boys and girls. Ninja Kids is the brainchild of founder Nicole Holmes whose love for fitness and athleticism began at the age of 5. She continued her training and quickly became one of Australia’s high-level gymnasts. Ninja Kids operates within the Sport, Fitness and Recreation Activities industry. Ninja Kids is now growing in demand, as we see more and more children across Australia wanting to get in on the action and test their skills in the gym. Parents and guardians are welcoming the Ninja Kids experience for their children, as they know it is a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle where kids can have fun in a social and supportive environment. We are on a mission to being the ultimate Ninja Kids experience to more and more kids around Australia!

We are now inviting individuals with a passion for ninja style training to join our high performing and industry leading network. We want to work with people who have a real desire to make a difference in the lives of our athletes, providing a fun, safe and rewarding environment for them to explore and enjoy.

Our vision is to be the preferred choice for children’s sport and recreation activities for Australian children. To make this a reality we are actively building the Ninja Kids family to share our success as we grow together.

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