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Podcast: Ep#211 Featuring Michael Rantall Director of Who Who Home Services

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

“Who Who Home Services – Rug Washing Division – a growth opportunity that guarantees quality of service with a top rate business model”

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Michael Rantall Director of Who Who Home Services, a family run business offering professional rug cleaning services. In this interview, Michael discusses how Who Who Home services came about, What the business does, what makes it a unique business opportunity and who would best suit a Who Who Home services – Rug Division franchise.

Discussion Points:

  • Business inception Michael explains his motivation and thought process in developing the business

Michael Rantall – Director of Who Who Home Services
  • What Who Who home Services offer? The franchise offers many services such as rug, carpet, and leather cleaning and pest control

  • What is Who Who Home Services? Michael details the unique characteristics of the business and the support offered to franchisees

  • It’s all in the name The origins of the name ‘Who Who’ and the passion of Michael and his team in offering rug cleaning services

  • A safe rug cleaning business opportunity Who Who Home Services prioritises customer and employee safety when selecting the cleaning products and equipment

  • Where Who Who Home Services is Head office and hub locations

  • Goals for the future Michael explains his business goals and vision

  • Interesting opportunities Potential growth in the home improvement niche

  • The market potential Specialty rug cleaning is an area of tremendous growth

  • Technology and change Michael is excited by technological improvements in the carpet cleaning industry

  • The Who Who lifestyle Work-life balance for franchisees, and the flexibility of the rug cleaning hub model

  • The Who in a Who Who Home Services – Rug Division Michael’s business model suits self-motivated franchisees who want to learn the skills to ensure their hub is successful.

  • Motivation and drive Leaving a legacy is Michael’s main motivation

  • A piece of advice Michael’s number one rule of thumb for the home improvement industry

  • Getting in touch Michael is excited to hear from listeners who would like more information about a potential Who Who Home Services franchise

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About Who Who Home Services – Rug Washing Division:

Who Who Home Services strives to deliver high quality service and experience that exceeds customer expectations every single time. Their attention and eye for detail and level of care that helps them deliver sensational results with every clean they carry out. From a local business to now a national brand name. Who Who invests and implements only what is best for their clients.

They pride themselves in delivering the best results and an excellent experience from the moment they talk to their professional, friendly administrative team to the time their certified technician completes the scheduled services.

Every single cleaning technician on their team undergoes intensive training in order to understand and formulate the best solutions for your issues. Apart from intensive training, all of their technicians are certified, insured and undergo a police check.

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