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Podcast: Ep#209 Featuring Heidi Powrie Founder And Director Of Nail Call

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

A Hands-On Franchise Opportunity

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Heidi Powrie, the Founder and Director of Nail Call, a mobile nail salon that provides on-demand beauty maintenance. In this interview, Heidi discusses her experience in the health and beauty sector, the why behind the Nail Call business, the franchise business opportunity and who would best suit a Nail Call opportunity.

Discussion Points:

  • Business inception Heidi explains the gap she discovered in the market and how Nail Call filled it

Heidi Powrie – Founder and Director of Nail Call
  • Why Nail Call is Special? Heidi details what makes Nail Call special

  • What is Nail Call? Heidi describes how Nail Call allows franchisees to connect with the community and find a social connection

  • The marketplace How extensive is the demand for at-home services?

  • DIY and youtube beauty tutorials The draw to the DIY beauty YouTubing trend versus the ongoing demand for professional nail and beauty salons

  • Stage of development Nail Call’s current stage of development including merchandise and local partnerships

  • Nail Call growth and strategy Heidi reflects on business milestones and outlines the goals of Nail Call as an expanding Australian franchise

  • A good time to be in business Exciting trends in the beauty sector

  • Operating in the new post lockdown world Heidi explains the impact of the global pandemic and how the Covid restrictions are in sync with salon hygiene obligations

  • An ideal Nail Call franchisee Who Heidi believes would be suitable as a Nail Call franchisee

  • Having standards and style Heidi discussed beauty standards in the industry

  • Getting in touch Heidi explains how potential franchisees can begin their franchise journey

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About Nail Call:

Nail Call looks to fill both single and group appointments and was created to provide top quality product and service accessible to all ages at the best price.

When you feel like spoiling yourself, maintaining beautiful hands, or glamming up for any occasion, Nail Call can help you with all of your manicure and pedicure treatments. Achieving the best results every time is paramount to Nail Call’s service philosophy and our services reflect that. They include acrylic and poly lock shellac treatments, spa and detox pedicures where ever and whenever you need covering from the Hunter to Tea Gardens, Newcastle to Nelson Bay, or further afield for group bookings.

Working with the best in the field is important to ensure you have the best look achievable for every occasion. Nail Call has built relationships with other leaders in the beauty industry who are invited to work in Nail Call’s exclusive Pamper-Van and we are able to refer you to the best available service where ever you are.

Catering to women of all age groups, Nail Call provides the best pampering service, using the best products available – Australian brands and animal friendly where possible. We know every girl likes to feel cherished and Nail Call is the inexpensive way to help you put your best foot forward every day without having to leave home or workplace, or party gathering.

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