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Podcast: Ep#207 Featuring Dave Griffin, Co-Founder of Bao Brothers Food Franchises

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

A Growing Franchise Business Opportunity With A Fresh Twist On Asian Cuisine

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Dave Griffin, who co-founded the Bao Brothers franchise, alongside his Brother Nathan Martin. Bao Brothers are a food franchise offering a traditional Asian icon with a fresh twist. Listen as Dave delves into how the business came about, becoming an award-winning business, what it was like operating a food business in NSW during 2020, the in-store merchandise and the Bao Brothers growth strategy.

Discussion Points:

  • Background Dave discusses his background, current role and how he came to be a part of the Bao Brothers franchises

Dave Griffin – Co-Founder of Bao Brothers Franchises
  • It’s a family business Where the name “Bao Brothers” came from, introducing his brother Nathan and how the franchise came about

  • Uniqueness and more How Bao Brothers uniquely stands out in the American and Asian food market, the vibe and the likability

  • Is it Asian, Australian or American? Dave breaks down the stereotypes and perceptions of traditional Asian food

  • Location and locality Where the Bao Brothers flagship store is located, loyal customers and their distinct Bao loving customers

  • Comparing the market How Bao Brothers approach the market alongside other traditional Asian and American food franchises

  • Growing a Bao Brothers empire Dave delves into the Bao Brothers growth strategy and expansion plan taking Bao Bother nationwide

  • Symbiotic values Appreciating the symbiotic nature of delivery providers during the pandemic and as a permanent fixture in the business model going forward

  • Got any merch? Dave lists the exclusive merch available at every Bao Brothers franchise and online as well as the benefits of a well-branded product

  • ‘Dine and Dash Initiative The NSW premiers Gladys Berejiklian visit to Bao Brothers and the initiative that brought loyal customers back to stores after lockdown

  • Training and Support Dave details the training and support on offer with Bao Brothers and how being a franchisee makes you part of the family.

  • Trends and post-pandemic dining How COVID-19 changed the food and hospitality sector for good, where the industry is changing to adapt and the future of quick-service restaurants in Australia

  • Piece of advice How to enquire about a Bao Brothers opportunity near you and how to contact Dave for further information on the franchise

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