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Leading tiling business in the Mornington Peninsula area – Ownership Opportunity

Acquire a business with a robust client base and huge growth potential

Key Strengths:
  • Robust client base with sophisticated systems and processes

  • Ideal for experienced business owners looking for business expansion with an existing team of 11 employees for continued operation

  • Continued expansion into aligned products and online sales plus owners can stay on for 2-3 months to help ensure a smooth transition

About the business

The business is a family owned and run company that supplies tiles to trade and retail customers in the Mornington, Victoria area. Not only does it specialise in selling tiles, but it also provides the best wall, floor, external and mosaic tiles installation services.

Originally founded in 1977, the current owner acquired the business in 2001. This enterprise provides high-quality products to premium and volume builders, which comprises more than 2,000 retail and trade clients.

Banking on the experience of its highly skilled and qualified management team, the company delivers high-quality service to its extensive range of clients. Even better, its sophisticated operating systems allows for trimmed down running costs, ensuring all returns are maximised to the fullest.

About the Opportunity

The business on offer, which generated over $1 million in gross profits over the last five years, is positioned to amass massive growth in a booming market. It’s no wonder that it’s a leading player in the tile production industry!

A household name and well-established business, the enterprise has three operating centres, a showroom, a trade centre, warehouse, equipment and a fully-furnished office. It generates revenue from retail and trade channels, and is situated in an ideal location which is a substantial market catchment area.

Thanks to its wide product range, consistent geographic expansion initiatives, sophisticated systematic procedures and customer-centric service approaches, the company continuously posts year-on-year growth.

It has dedicated service contract offerings for larger clients, and capitalises on an internal supply chain to cut out middle-tier suppliers – maximising gross profit margins.

When you buy this business, one of the smartest things you can do is to continue the ongoing expansions to new geographic regions in order to help the business realise its full potential.

As you call the shots, you’ll be receiving ongoing support across the next 2-3 months, as the owner will be willing to stay around and assist you with sourcing product from an overseas tile supplier. Rest assured, marketing materials, training and support will also be provided, all you have to do is to leverage their secured long-standing supply chain and extensive customer base.


The business has a total of 11 employees, with 6-7 operating in a part-time capacity, and all of them have been with the business for the long-term. This enables the new owner to jump straight in knowing they’ve got a team of experienced staff behind them, who know how the business ticks.

Key features of the business
  • Robust client base

  • Sophisticated systems and processes

  • Ideal for experienced business owners looking for business expansion

  • Continued expansion into aligned products and online sales

  • Owners can stay on for 2-3 months to help ensure a smooth transition

  • Existing team of 11 employees for continued operation

Whether you’re looking to expand your tiling business, mulling over widening your reach into new regions and areas, or wanting to add tiling services to your existing landscape, building or construction enterprise, this business is the one for you!

Being an experienced business owner or operator in the construction and landscaping industry may be a plus, but the outgoing owners will be there to guide you to ensure a smooth transition.

Learn more about this business opportunity today.

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