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Ep#238 Arthur McColl, Group CEO of Frontline Recruitment Group & ​Express Employment Professionals

Australia & New Zealand

“We provide opportunities for professionals to step into business entrepreneurship and excel”

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Arthur McColl who is the Group CEO of Frontline Recruitment Group & Express Employment Professionals Australia and New Zealand. Listen as Arthur chats about his professional background, Express Employment Professionals and Frontline Recruitments’ points of difference, their business growth strategy, the training and support provided and who would best suit a recruitment franchise business.

Discussion Points:

  • A pivot of career With a long career in the health and fitness sector, Arthur experienced a welcome change when he joined the company in early 2020

Arthur McColl – Group CEO of Express Employment Professionals (EEP) and Frontline Recruitment Group Australia & New Zealand
  • Express Employment Professionals Arthur explains the scope of this global labor hire business

  • Point of difference With a unique franchise business model, both businesses have found success in the industry

  • Acquiring Frontline Recruitment Since becoming CEO, Arthur has brought Frontline Recruitment into the group

  • A franchisee-first obsession Arthur describes the culture within the business that supports the wellbeing of each franchisee

  • An attractive industry With no experience necessary, the recruitment industry can offer success to those who are motivated

  • Exciting advancements With artificial intelligence emerging to make life easier, Arthur explains the importance of maintaining face-to-face social skills

  • The impact of the pandemic Arthur elaborates on the impact of the pandemic and subsequential lockdowns on business

  • In business for yourself Arthur emphasises the benefits of the franchise model

  • A unique opportunity The company culture of “franchisee first” and the ongoing support and development of franchisees

  • Ideal franchisee qualities A motivation to succeed and a commitment to continued progress are revered by Arthur in terms of potential franchisees

  • Advice from Arthur Arthur offers his advice for new franchisees

  • Recruiting a bright future! With a prediction of growth and a plan to expand, Arthur is excited about the future of the business

Useful Links:

Eden Exchange: Frontline Recruitment Group Profile/ Listings Express Employment Professionals Profile/Listings

Frontline Recruitment Group: Website/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Youtube / Instagram/ Linkedin Express Employment Professionals: Website/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Youtube/ Linkedin


About Frontline Recruitment Group:

Frontline Recruitment Group was founded in 1995 by Deb Davis. Expanding quickly across Australia and New Zealand, Frontline’s first offices included a garden shed in Sydney, a garage in Melbourne and a caravan in Brisbane. It wasn’t long before these ‘agencies’ began to grow. With many original team members ‘mums’ seeking a flexible way of working, the brand quickly became professionalised with ‘mums’ moving offices and developing their own recruitment teams. From these early days right through to the present, Frontline has operated as a values organisation, a family business, based on family values. Whilst the days of garages and caravans are long gone, the family values remain. Frontline Recruitment Group was franchised and has now grown to 28 individually owned franchises across Australia and New Zealand, specialising in several industry sectors, covering retail, executive retail, hospitality, health, education, IT & Digital and construction. At Frontline, they love helping people find the people they want to work with. Whether it’s a client looking for a great candidate, a candidate looking for their next role or someone looking to build their own business in recruitment with the support of a team, as a Franchisee. In July 2020 Frontline Recruitment Group was acquired by Express Employment Professionals after the Frontline Recruitment Group founders had actively engaged with Express as a new potential owner given the alignment of business models and core values.

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