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Want to own a café without spending a fortune? We can help you!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Initial investment from as low as $57K - rare opportunity to own your own coffee shop


  • Proven processes and systems - a proven pathway to café ownership

  • Marketing materials: table menus, menu board creatives, loyalty cards, seasonal creatives and more

  • Business advice, training, marketing and customer support

ABOUT THIS BUSINESS Want to start off your day surrounded by the smell of coffee? Want to put a smile on people’s faces? Contrary to popular belief, owning a café does not have to cost a fortune. Having your own café means taking control of your life, being able to have weekends off to spend with your loved ones and the opportunity to pocket the monetary rewards of your own hard work. We offer an income guarantee* from day 1 and simplify the whole process- even helping you come up with the funding to get you up and running faster. Proven processes + the backing and ongoing support of a successful, established team of experts. There are no hidden costs. Get started today, obligation free, to see if owning one may be right for you. What we provide you with

  • A clear & transparent fixed package with no surprises

  • Proven processes & systems in order to generate maximum return on your investment

  • The rare opportunity to start your own coffee shop with an initial investment from as low as $57K should we be a good fit for each other

  • Locations chosen by experts to maximise profitability based on historical data and current market trends

  • The latest technology & equipment to minimise dependency & labour costs, which could result in a labour cost reduction of up to 50%. This means more profit in your pocket & increased consistency, a great reputation and repeat customers.

  • Suppliers & contacts for menu items of the highest quality, taste & value, which have proven to be successful at previous locations

Additional Benefits

  • A business mentor dedicated to helping you succeed with objectives which ensure that your success is our success

  • A wide range of financing options through the major banks: NAB, CBA, ANZ & Westpac or our specialised financing experts

  • Step-by-step launch plan executed by you and our team, dedicated to helping you meet your targets

  • Operational and café management training

How do I find the perfect location? Leave it to the experts. Choosing the perfect location is essential, time consuming and can sometimes take years. We have the resources to invest, an existing database and are constantly on the lookout for more suitable locations. Our team of experts always carry out a full site analysis, considering the foot traffic, costs, operation structure, future developments & more. Is it risky? “The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” -Mark Zuckerberg Providing Confidence How we minimise risk: As a result of the experience that comes with 100s of site analyses, we help you avoid pitfalls you may be aware of as well as those that would never even cross your mind. We provide the ultimate shortcut, resulting in greater savings and more security.

  • We help you make strategic decisions and instil upon you the mindset for success

  • Our business is designed to be rewarded as a result of successful cafés and not based on the sales of new stores, resulting in us always putting you first.

  • The setup options help decrease the cost, maximise retention in the worst-case scenario and therefore reduce the overall risk drastically so that you can make your dream a reality

About our coffee Use our proven coffee blend, loved by our customers across our various cafés. Our green beans are sourced ethically from regions of high quality and go through a process which includes the monitoring of extraction flow rates and extensive testing.​ The use of a 2 million dollar roasting facility ensures the highest standard of coffee & Quality Assurance. Don’t let one bad cup of coffee result in customers declaring that ‘the coffee isn’t good there’. In providing this equipment & extensive barista  training we ensure consistently seamless, delicious cups of coffee that anyone can achieve to get you those repeat customers. A great barista needs to be able to be an expert and identify different notes like a Sommelier (wine expert, who can identify flavour notes). We can streamline the components and guide you seamlessly, saving you thousands of dollars and providing peace of mind. We have been through it all with dozens of cafés and proved a proven ‘template’ or ‘formula’, a shortcut. This allows you to focus on vital aspects to build your customer base, such as the café's atmosphere & customers service. Contact us today for a confidential discussion or simply fill out the form below to receive more information. *new location only

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