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Podcast: EP#204: Featuring Alan Robertson The Mighty Fine Group Soft Wash business QLD

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

“Demand for surface and gutter cleaning is booming and the Mighty Fine franchise is growing”

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Alan Robertson who is the founder of The Mighty Fine Soft Wash Company in Australia, based in Sunshine Coast QLD. A unique business opportunity specialising in commercial and residential high-pressure surface and gutter cleaning. In this interview, Alan discusses his experience with Mighty Fine so far, how it all started, why it is a successful business model and what to expect when you join the team.

Alan Robertson – Founder of Ther Mighty Fine company Sunshine Coast QLD

Discussion Points:

  • Background Alan explores his background and his role at The Mighty Fine Company

  • What is Mighty Fine? Alan explains what The Mighty Fine Company is; what services it provides and where it is based

  • Why Mighty Fine? The Mighty Fine Company stands out from other providers of high-pressure surface cleaning and gutter cleaning because they provide exceptional service

  • Business Growth Where Alan sees The Company in 5 years time, what obstacles he will face and what his current perceived milestones are

  • A Mighty Fine relationship Alan describes the relationship and manner The Mighty Fine Company has with its customers

  • A matter of best fit What type of person would best fit a franchising role and what pre-requisites are required

  • The training and support package Alan goes through the training process from start to finish with a new franchisee and a seasoned franchisee

  • Motivation and drive How Alan drives himself to improve every day and how he motivates himself to learn, succeed and grow The Company

  • Any advice? The best piece of advice Alan can offer and how best to contact him to put your name down for an opportunity

Useful Links Mighty Fine Facebook/ Website/ Profile


About The Mighty Fine Company

We are your local external cleaning company based on the Sunshine Coast. With accreditation in Soft Washing, working at heights and sanitising we are able to do a multitude of property maintenance tasks to help you keep your home, business or commercial premises looking beautiful! Grow your own business and realise your dreams with the support of a successful business system.​ Helping our Franchise partners achieve their goals with a high level of support.​

Are you ready to find out more?

If you are interested in learning more about a Mighty Fine Group franchise in Australia, please submit the enquiry form here and we’ll be in touch.

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