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Mobile Car Care Franchise Opportunity: Riding Australia’s Obsession With Cars

Australians simply adore their cars, they want them to be in optimum condition; shiny with sleek paint-jobs and of course dent and scratch free. Whatever the car; heavy-duty Utes, stylish classics, or even a mummy taxi, appearance means an awful lot to car-owners nation-wide.

It is difficult to live without our cars, even for a few days, so it only makes sense that Australians would jump at a professional service like the “Touch Up Guys” that allows car paint repairs from the comfort and safety of their own driveways.

And we don’t spare any expense when it come to our cars, in fact, according to research by car insurance company Bingle, a single car-owner will spend approximately $1096 each year on servicing and maintenance alone, while the total Australians spend on their cars per year is $63 billion.

“A single car-owner will spend approximately $1096 each year on servicing and maintenance alone.”

When choosing a qualified tradie to maintain their vehicles, Australians are looking for trusted professionals. Touch Up Guys have more than 100 successful franchise businesses operating in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The brand was founded over twenty-five years ago and has always been a family-run business. .

The founders, Fred and Boyd began their journeys as franchisees who were ultimately failed by their franchisor; and because of this sour experience, they had learned to respect the franchisees who put large amounts of trust in them to deliver on their promises.

“When you change tact and become an actual franchisor, you know the types of things you don’t want to mimic,” explains Fred’s son and Touch Up Guys CEO Glen Hawken.

“The fact that they were franchisees to start with made a big difference in the culture of what type of franchisor they wanted to be.”

Becoming a Household Name

Initially, the franchise was founded by providing mobile services to the commercial sales industry. Recently, the business has expanded to serve the private consumer market, capturing a higher margin sector which has enthusiastically embraced the benefits of value, convenience and quality offered by Touch Up Guys.

Purchasing a Touch Up Guys franchise comes with the benefits of learning specialised skills to become highly trained technicians who use the most advanced techniques currently available to repair bumper bars, paintwork, spoilers, body kits and kerb damaged alloy wheels.

With additional training in buffing and polishing, installing reversing sensors and the ability to match over 55,000 automotive colours on-site using Touch Up Guy’s advanced computer systems, every franchisee is well-equipped to provide excellence in car-care.

Weather and Recession Resistant

A business model like the one offered by Touch Up Guys can be profitable all-year round. It’s not highly reliant on weather, as more often than not a combination of the exclusive Shady Lady awning system and fast drying systems can keep the workflow going through adverse conditions.

It is also recession resistant, people are always going to own cars and even if the economy dips, they still want their cars looking good. There is also a lower cost of running a mobile business where the savings are passed on to the customers. Most jobs cost less than the insurance excess and customers love Touch Up Guys because of the value, quality and convenience of the services they offer.

We know most families are time poor, so the service industry is booming, people just don’t have the time anymore to run around, so Touch Up Guys are well positioned to capitalise on this lifestyle trend.

“The Touch Up Guys have twenty-five years of franchising experience.”

“The ultimate long term goal for us is to be top-of-mind solution provider to clients in need of a time-convenient coatings repair.” – Glen Hawken, CEO of Touch Up Guys.

The Investment – What It Takes To Be A Touch Up Guy

Customer reviews of Touch Up Guys are incredibly favourable. Reports on every social media platform and car-enthusiasts websites speak highly of Touch Up Guys; money simply cannot buy this type of publicity and the personal touch that Touch Up Guys provide by working from their customers’ property is clearly appreciated.

Franchisees are provided with three weeks in-house training at Touch Up Guy’s National Training Centre, which includes accommodation and meals. Following this, franchisees receive a further week of training with a National Office Trainer in the franchisee’s van and territory, and are supported by ongoing business skills training to help them maximise business performance.

Potential franchisees must have their own approved van and working capital. A financial investment of $92,400 provides franchisees with everything they need to embark on their new careers, including training, full van fit-out, equipment, tablet and software, uniforms, business cards and more.

Franchisees are able to set their own business hours and Touch Up Guys‘ 7 day a week telephone hotline for technical support means that they are never left in the lurch.

“We tend to look for people who have a passion for cars along with some form of customer service history, particularly sales,” Glen explains. “They just have to have some sort of experience in exposure to the public and what that’s like, in terms of what makes a customer happy enough to recommend our brand.”

Touch up Guys is Recruiting Across Australia. If you’re ready to share your passion of all things automotive and customer service,  please click here and fill one of their enquiry forms today.

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