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Kitset Assembly Services – Franchise Opportunity

‘Man in a Van’ business | Thriving kitset demand | Nationally-recognised brand

Key Strengths:
  • High growth business

  • No qualification required

  • Affordable and smart business venture

About the business

Kitset Assembly Services has been in the business of providing its customers with fast, high quality and timely assembly of products. Their offering spans product assembly, packaging removal, measurement and quotation, securing and fastening, pickup and delivery, and disassembly services.

Taking great pride in delivering faultless services that save commercial and residential customers’ time and effort, Kitset Assembly Services now operates across Australia, New Zealand and now launching in the United States. The company is now a multinational franchise, touted as a game-changer for the industry on all fronts.

Kitset Assembly Services’ “Man in a Van” business model is quite simple: They assemble kitset furniture and other ready to assemble products at customers’ homes and offices for a fixed fee. Hence, this comes as no surprise why the business gets a plethora of repeat customers through referrals from satisfied clients.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Kitset Assembly Services forged partnerships with several recognised Aussie retailers, andutilised best-in-class eCommerce booking platforms to continue amassing substantial amounts of growth.

As more and more customers reach out for Kitset Assembly Services, the business is struggling to keep up with demand and require immediate expansion!

About the Opportunity

In today’s environment, more and more individuals are steering away from designer/luxury brands, and choosing kitset products instead for their attractive price point.

However, with everyone’s increasingly busy schedule, lack of free time, lack of tools and lack of patience, customers are now seeking the help of assembly service companies in droves. And this is where Kitset Assembly Services’ expertise comes into play.

In a nutshell, the Kitset Assembly Services’ central office receives the bookings and designates them to the nearest local franchisee that can respond to the job order. This saves the customer from the hassles of assembling the entire thing and gets their new furniture built in no time.

Kitset Assembly Services provides their franchisees with top-notch training and support. Not only do they ensure franchisees know what they’re getting into, but the former also manages to keep them up to speed with all the necessary information required to help them make informed decisions.

As a franchisee, you’re not just buying a business, but you’re also buying a system. This means you’re saving yourself substantial time, energy and money. Even better, you’ll get to jumpstart your business at a much lower cost versus setting up your own shop from scratch.

The bottomline: Being a Kitset Assembly Services franchisee lets you focus on aspects of the business that really matter. They’ll take care of everything else while sending customers directly to you.

And in an industry that continues to grow, why scramble to do it all yourself when you can become a Kitset Assembly Services franchisee and tap into their proven, successful business model.

Business highlights:

  • Established business and stable customer base

  • Widespread brand recognition

  • Winning systems already in place

  • Low operational costs

  • Focus on business aspects that matter

  • Tap into the experts’ business acumen

  • Full marketing, training, and operational support

  • Fast growing market with increasing in demand

  • Be your own boss; take control of your own schedule

  • Transferrable franchise

If you have a strong knack for building or assembling things, then this franchise is for you. Reach out to us to get more information today and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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