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Karen’s Diner: GLOBAL DINING BRAND- Be a “KAREN”- Now franchising across Australia

Bring the Karen’s dining experience to your city and become the Head Karen of your very own Karen’s Diner!

Key Strengths:
  • Flexible Franchise Terms

  • Low entry costs

  • Massive customer driven marketing campaigns

About the business

The customer is always right.’, they say, but not at Karen’s. The 1950’s American themed diner is flipping this old adage on its head with their brand promise of delivering great food, terrible service. Look up Karen’s Diner on your favourite social media platform and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Karen’s Diner is designed to poke fun at the ‘Karen’ that lives in all of us. The fast casual dining restaurant space tends to be bland with very little attitude and Karen’s seeks to elevate each customer’s dining experience by focusing on service, and to be more specific, poor service delivered in a humorous way. An interactive diner and an absurdly fun experience.

At Karen’s, customers will be greeted and waited upon by rude waiters who in return are expecting customers to give it full Karen. A very unique place where customers can complain until the cows come home, but the staff literally won’t care. Customers can expect good food, good fun, and a dining experience like no other.

Since starting the brand in 2021, Karen’s has exploded into the world stage with phenomenal social media following and has become a massive hit in Australia and the UK, with diners popping up in major cities one after another.

About The Opportunity:

If you are looking to be your own boss and own a business with very innovative branding, then Karen’s Diner is the business for you!

Here is an exclusive opportunity to bring this very unique business to your city and become the Head Karen of your very own Karen’s Diner.

Here are 6 fantastic reasons to franchise with Karen’s:

  1. Franchise Flexibility- Karen’s has operated successfully in pop-up locations on short term leases, and we negotiate lease terms to suit us not the landlord, so you’re not locked into long term leases unless you want to.

  2. Customer Service- Famous for terrible service for our in-store customers but rest assured the way franchisees are served is world class, after all, we‘re doing this around the globe and your success is our success.

  3. Experience- Our founders have extensive experience in the Hospitality and Events sector with experience creating different, novel, and exciting events that appeal to a wide audience across the globe.

Our customer experience is famous, we know how to show people a good time through food and irreverent fun.

  1. The Brand (Social Media)- We dominate on social media, and we have the best marketing team in the world – Our Customers!

Our customers love the experience and share it with the world, it’s not uncommon for us to get engagement on social media posts in the millions of viewers.

  1. Sales & Profitability- Our existing store network ranks highly in comparison to every other fast casual dining concept in the country with regards to sales and profitability. Our entry costs are low, so your return on capital is significant.

  2. Global Success Story- Our concept has been a proven success on three continents and growing. We have operated through a company owned model because it’s such a great business but now we are offering the opportunity for other Karen’s to benefit from our success.

Franchise Facts:

  • Short-term or normal site leases available (3 years to 5 years) with options, subject to landlord offer

  • Investment ranges from $150,000- $300,000 +GST (depending on site size and fit out) – space is generally based on 200-350 sqm

  • Initial Franchise Fee is $80,000 (prorated on lease type)

  • 8% royalties + adfund for marketing

  • Trading hours 12noon – 10pm minimum – 7 days

As a Karen’s Diner franchisee, you will be supported 100% of the way. You will have access to an operations manual and world-class tools and resources, an intensive training program and opening support, ongoing administrative and marketing support, and assistance with site identification, lease negotiation, and store fit outs.

Are you ready to become Head Karen? Click HERE to register your interest and get started!

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