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ICE Sculpting Clinic Franchise Opportunities

Become a franchisee of an industry leader in Cryotherapy, ICE Sculpting Clinic!

Key Strengths:
  • 50/50 franchise partnership opportunity

  • Continuous support and training

  • Run by certified industry professionals

About the business

ICE Sculpting Clinic opened in February 2020 and has since thrived, even at the peak of the pandemic. As everything looks to go back to ‘normal’, ICE Sculpting Clinic now seeks to expand by onboarding and adding new franchisees to grow with their business.

Specialising in a wide range of non-surgical liposuction to Cryotherapy, the enterprise offers an industry leading procedure which involves a fat-freezing process – a unique way of getting rid of stubborn fat, and muscle building.

This procedure is used to reduce inflammation or improve wellness, and often require the coldest temperature possible. Along with the fat removal processes, ICE Sculpting Clinic also provides laser hair removal and cosmetic injectables services.

An accredited clinic as it is, the business always ensures to prioritise the health and safety of their customers, alongside the quality of its services.

About the Opportunity:

ICE Sculpting Clinic is run by Level 6 Certified industry professionals. To facilitate a smooth onboarding, there will be ongoing training and support for its newest would-be franchisees.

Hence, this presents a hands-on owner, who’s highly motivated to lead a team of qualified professionals, with an excellent opportunity to take the business to its next level of growth.

Highlights of the Business:
  • Industry leaders in Cryotherapy, a unique way of getting rid of stubborn fat

  • Run by industry professionals, level 6 certification

  • Takes pride in using only natural products

  • Existing marketing & support network

  • 50/50 franchise partnership opportunity

If you’re looking for an exciting business opportunity in the beauty and wellness industry, and would like to be part of the leaders in Cryotherapy, then ICE Sculpting Clinic is the perfect franchise opportunity for you!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity today!

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