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Giggle Business, A true lifestyle business scalable to any size.

Become a Giggler and build a business that will let you live the life you desire on your terms.

Key Strengths:
  • Recurring revenue with overhead costs

  • Proven business model

  • Ability to hold out competition

About the business

Giggle, also known as Giggle Entertainment, is the leading digital out-of-home advertising business that’s been dominating the sector for more than a decade.

Market leader in NZ, it fills the void left by newspapers and radio as a marketing platform, to allow local businesses to promote their brand to local markets. It utilises ‘Giggle Screens’ that play a silent, constantly updated humour and interest loop. This endorphin releasing content causes habitual viewing and therefore leads to an effective platform for marketing.

In a nutshell, Giggle provides a free wait time solution in many local community settings such as cafés, bars, food outlets, waiting rooms and salons that’s filled with easy content that people are drawn to watch every time they visit.

Your income is drawn from the advertisers, how much that income is, is up to you. The marketing is affordable and effective as the campaigns have very high repetition. The whole Giggle Business model and sales process is designed to build long term repetitive clients that stay on for years. Meaning, once the model is set up to the desired size and income level, it is merely a case of maintaining.

So, how does the Giggle Business work?

Giggle has 2 beliefs

Firstly: There is too much bad news in the world and not enough laughter.

Secondly: Marketing for local businesses is too expensive.

Giggle Business ownership is easy, it doesn’t require high overheads and can be scaled to any size (and income level). Being first to market means that once all the prime locations are taken for screen placement, holding out any competition is easy.

Giggle is a fixed subscription fee structure, there are no royalty payments – EVER! Once you have covered the monthly subscription fee (normally 3 advertisers) all you make is yours to keep. The subscription fee is fixed up to 100 screens, then only pay for what you utilise.

The world’s digital out-of-home advertising industry gears toward massive growth in a few years’ time, with an expected compound annual growth rate of 13.8% from 2022.

We’re talking about an industry that could be worth $16.8B USD by 2028! And there’s never been a better opportunity to get started.

About the Opportunity

If you’re interested in positioning yourself as a market-leader in the advertising and branding space, then follow Giggle’s fool-proof selling techniques and proven business model. You will build yourself a business that will deliver you total flexibility, your desired income and fun is to operate.

Joining Giggle’s umbrella makes you a Giggle Business Territory Owner – or ‘Giggler’. The Giggle Business purchase grants a licence and designates an exclusive territory for you to own and operate, and the capability to harness the power of Giggle Management Portal which supplies the continuously updated funny content to your Giggle Screens.

And as far as training goes, there’s no need to worry. Becoming a Giggler unlocks the keys to Giggle’s Management Portal (GMP), a Cloud-based software that contains all the essential interactive know-how, training sessions and tools to help you run your Giggle business to perfection. Additionally, having experience in sales may be a plus, but it’s certainly not required.

A true lifestyle business, Giggle puts a premium on enabling its Gigglers to have freedom and build their own business. Hence, as a Giggle Business Territory Owner, you will receive a transferable open-ended licence agreement instead of a five-year window.

To sum it all up, this presents a great opportunity to get into the out-of-home digital media advertising business today.

Key features of Giggle Business

  • Market leader for over 10 years

  • Scalable to any size

  • First to market opportunity

  • Recurring income business

  • Work from home or build your empire

  • Very low overhead costs

  • A true lifestyle business

  • Opportunities available worldwide

  • Financing available

  • Green, environmentally friendly

Giggle has the secret sauce to grabbing the audience’s attention and making the most of it. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to get involved in the booming out-of-home digital advertising industry today, as a Giggle Business Owner.

Reach out to us to learn more about this opportunity today. Click here for more information.

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