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Ep#232 Featuring Steve Agi Director at Cafe 51

"Maximise your restaurant potential by creating a ghost kitchen to earn more profits"

Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Steve Agi who is the Director of C51 Consulting (can be also referred to as Cafe 51), they provide a ghost kitchen business model to already developed businesses and are implementing this model nationwide. Listen as Steve chats about what a Ghost Kitchen is, how business owners can maximise their business model and who would best suit a ghost kitchen opportunity.

Discussion Points:

  • Background With a long and accomplished hospitality career, Steve explains how he created C51 Consulting

  • The focus of C51 Consulting Steve outlines how his business focuses on helping hospitality businesses streamline and operate ghost kitchens to remain profitable in the current pandemic

  • Ghost kitchens Steve outlines exactly what a ghost kitchen entails, including the legal requirements

  • Demand for delivery With an increased market for home delivery, Steve explains the categories of food that travel well and are in high demand

  • Clients C51 Consulting clients are those hospitality venues with a kitchen space that isn’t being used in the evening

  • What works where? Steve explains that cuisine choice and demographic influences are important factors for consideration

  • Ghost kitchen packages Steve explains the onboarding system and ongoing support for new franchisees

  • Cost and maintenance Steve explains how C51 Consulting has a structure and system in place to ensure the profitability of each ghost kitchen operation

  • Who would thrive in a ghost kitchen? Motivation for success in the high-paced hospitality environment is the key personality trait of an ideal franchisee

  • Market opportunities Steve explains the exciting projections for the demand for virtual brands and ghost kitchens over the next few years

  • Investments With a small investment and government rebates, Steve outlines the minimal cost to franchisees

  • A worthwhile business Steve has a mission to assist hospitality workers and business owners to maintain revenue in current times, and increase return on investment when the industry opens up again

  • More information How to get in touch with Steve at C51 Consulting to begin your own business journey

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About the business:

A virtual brand is one that exists online, but with no physical presence. No physical restaurant. A virtual brand offers food that is available via delivery & possibly pick-up, if appropriate. It might be run from the kitchen of an existing restaurant or outlet, or the food might be prepared in a ‘dark kitchen’ – that is, a stand-alone kitchen that is not attached to any form of shop-front.

Virtual brands have been around for a few years, our team was one of the first to establish them in Australia, over 5 years but the global pandemic, with its resulting forced restaurant closures and massive increase in food delivery, has seen them proliferate rapidly in 2020.

The benefits of virtual brands: The pandemic may have accelerated their growth, but smart hospitality providers are realising that a virtual brand is not just a solution to a short term problem. It is the future, it is the way forward & if executed properly will be the ultimate strategy to combat the unpredictability of lockdowns & dining restrictions. Virtual brands offer multiple, very real benefits that are likely to see their continued growth long after the world is allowed back into restaurants.

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